‘Adventure Time’ Season 7 Raises the Stakes for Marceline and Princess Bubblegum

     July 17, 2017


Season 9 of Adventure Time returns to Cartoon Network tonight to kick off a five-night special, but fans of the series who have been collecting the home video releases for years will want to mark their calendars: Season 7 of the award-winning animated sensation will be available tomorrow, Tuesday, July 18th. You’ll quickly be able to spot this one since Princess Bubblegum herself gets her own personalized box art for the super-pink cover.

Inside the DVDs, however, fans will find a bunch of material that not only includes the 25 episodes from Season 7, but also animatics, galleries, featurettes, song demos, and a look at the creation of the show’s stunning title sequences. A standout of this season in particular was the vampiric “Stakes” arc in which Marceline deals with the very specific problems that come with being a vampire, but there were plenty of other storylines from Season 7 worthy of watching over and over again.

Check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette for the making of the stop-motion episode “Bad Jubies”, a tantalizing tease for what the rest of the Adventure Time Season 7 DVD has in store:


Jake the Dog and Finn the Human continue their unforgettable adventures in the seventh season of Adventure Time. As season seven unfolds, major changes are in store for some of the inhabitants of Candy Kingdom: Princess Bubblegum is exiled to live on the shores of Lake Butterscotch, where she tries to grow a new kingdom made of vegetables; the #1-rated eight-episode “Stakes” arc follows Marceline’s journey out of vampirism and back in again; and the aforementioned “Bad Jubies” episode, the award-winning, stop-motion installment brought to life by Kirsten Lepore (who also animated the stop-motion Frederator Studios logo seen on many Adventure Time episodes) and Bix Pix Entertainment. It’s a solid season for Pendleton Ward‘s creation and will likely be one of the best-remembered when the show’s all said and done; the final season is currently in production at Cartoon Network Studios.

It’s a worthwhile addition to your library, especially if you have the previously released seasons in your collection already. There’s a clear uptick in the maturity level of both the show’s characters and the storytelling in this season. That’s not to say that earlier seasons haven’t had narratives that appeal to audiences of all ages–in fact, that’s long been one of Adventure Time‘s strengths–but Season 7 features arcs for Princess Bubblegum and Marceline that are tailor-made for adolescent girls and young women, or anyone going through journeys of personal pain, doubt, and self-discovery. There’s also the expected silliness throughout the season that helps to lighten the heavier material, but it all works together to craft one of Adventure Time‘s most solid seasons from start to finish.


Image via Cartoon Network

Here’s a look at the Bonus Material available on the DVD set:

  • Minisodes – Witness Jake and Finn’s quest to find out what happens when a curious little frog finally finally puts a crown on his head.
  • Animatics – Adventure Time doesn’t magically arrive fully formed. Get a look at the work that goes into the process with these animated line-drawings that act as a template for the final animation.
  • Art Galleries 
  • Song Demos – Mini music videos for some of Adventure Time‘s most beloved songs heard this season.
  • Good Jubies: The Making of “Bad Jubies” – Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew who brought this incredible episode to life.
  • Timelapse of the “Bad Jubies” – Witness the creation of the incredible set for the stop-motion animated episode.
  • Behind the Title Card Videos – See how the beautiful and artistically unique episode title cards are made from start to finish.

Image via Cartoon Network