AFM 2009 Promo Posters Part 1 + Steve Watches AFM’s HOT TUB TIME MACHINE Red Band Trailer and Catches a 2nd MACHETE Poster Featuring Lindsay Lohan as a Naughty Nun

     November 10, 2009

slice - Blue Valentine promo movie image AFM 2009

Earlier today, I was at the American Film Market in Santa Monica. If you’re not familiar with AFM, it’s the place where film buyers from around the world come once a year to buy movies and also pre-buy films in development. Simply put, this is where a lot of money changes hands in the film industry and it’s where many decisions about what you and I get to see are made. In an effort to try and raise a film’s profile or attract film buyers, many of the studios print up promo art for movies in development or nearing completion. Almost none of the artwork will ever see the light of day outside of AFM, but if you’re a film junkie like me, then getting to see all this stuff is Christmas. After the jump you can take a look at the first grouping of random promo posters and artwork from today. You can also see the first images from Rogues Gallery and The Experiment.

Now for the other bit of news: When I was walking around, I got to see even more awesome stuff. The first was the AFM only red band trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine! To say it looked painfully hilarious would be a huge understatement. The other thing I saw was a promo poster for Robert Rodriguez’s Machete featuring Lindsay Lohan in a nun’s outfit while being very friendly to a firearm. Read more on the trailer, poster, and a whole lot else after the jump:

The first thing to know is I could not take a picture of the promo poster for Machete because the Jessica Alba poster that got leaked last week caused a shitstorm of problems. The thing about promo posters is they’re put together so quickly that usually no one has approved anything and it’s not meant to be seen by anyone but film buyers. So when I was starring at the Lindsay Lohan Machete poster, they were almost ready to tackle me just for thinking about taking a picture.

So while I have no picture, allow me to paint one in your mind.

The image featured Lohan in a nun’s outfit standing next to a very long gun barrel that was aimed up in the air. The end of the barrel was very close to Lohan’s face and she was sticking her tongue out and licking the end of the barrel. If you don’t get what they’re inferring, then ask your parents. But the poster looked very cool and you know what? It worked, which is impressive when you consider Lindsey Lohan’s current star power. Really wish I could have snapped a photo of it.

The other slice of fried gold was the red band trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine. If you haven’t heard of the film, it stars John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, and Clark Duke. It centers on a group of high school pals who reunite at an old ski lodge party spot they went to when they were teenagers. After a night of binge drinking, they wake up in the same spot but it’s the year 1986. It ends up the hot tub has magical time travel powers.

While you might think this premise sounds crazy, after watching the first footage from the film I’m almost ready to say this might be The Hangover of 2010. The trailer had me laughing out loud from beginning to end and it absolutely played like a 80’s movie except it knows it’s an 80’s movie. I also thought it was great that John Cusack is returning to his roots.

While I won’t spoil the jokes, I have to tell you one: When they wake up they wonder why everyone is dressed like it’s the 1980’s. They can’t figure out what’s going on and slowly they begin to realize something is up. Somehow, Craig Robinson realizes they might be in another time and he runs up to a random woman and asks what color is Michael Jackson. When she says black, he freaks out and starts to run away. Trust me, this movie is going to be huge.

With that, here are a ton of promo posters from AFM. Check back for a ton of other posters, images, and synopses.

The Experiment movie image Adrien Brody AFM 2009 promo image

Rogues Gallery AFM 2009 promo image

I couldn’t get this promo poster for The Job in one shot so I took two pictures and put it together in photoshop

The Job promo movie poster AFM 2009

Spirit of the Forest AFM 2009 promo poster

Satisfaction AFM 2009 promo poster

Little Big Soldier jackie chan promo movie poster AFM 2009

Let the Bullets Fly AFM 2009 promo poster

Haunted AFM 2009 promo poster

This is another poster I had to edit together using two pictures in photoshop

Georgia promo movie poster AFM 2009

A Foxs Tale AFM 2009 promo poster

Blue Valentine promo movie poster AFM 2009

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