Dark Castle Home Entertainment and After Dark Films Combine for Action Movie Franchise

     April 2, 2012


In a joint venture that will encourage all sorts of action and darkness, Joel Silver’s Dark Castle Home Entertainment has teamed with Courtney Solomon’s After Dark Films for the action-movie franchise, After Dark Action.  The team-up will include five feature films with an international cast that includes Jean Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Christian Slater, Jim Caviezel, Peter Weller and Cung Le.  The lineup will hit video-on-demand starting on May 11th, but there will also be a theatrical showcase for each of the pictures via a film festival in nationwide markets.  Hit the jump to see what films will be part of After Dark Action.

Variety reported jean-claude-van-damme-dolph-lundgren-after-dark-actionon the joint venture, to which Silver responded:

“Helping Courtney and After Dark put these films together has been a great experience.  The audience is in for a treat.”

Solomon was equally optimistic, saying:

“After many years with the Horrorfest ‘8 Films to Die For’ and ‘After Dark Originals’ brands, we are excited to expand into the action film arena.  Our mission is to create innovative, first-rate entertainment for action lovers everywhere.”

And those action lovers can look forward to seeing the first iteration of After Dark Action, which features the following films:

  • Antonio Negret’s Transit starring Caviezel.
  • John Hyams’ Dragon Eyes, starring Van Damme, Le and Weller.
  • Jason Connery’s Philly Kid, starring Neal McDonough and Devon Sawa.
  • Eduardo Rodriguez’s Stash House starring Lundgren, as well as Rodriguez’s El Gringo, starring Slater and written by Jonathan W. Stokes.

Look for After Dark Action in a theater near you before their VOD release on May 11th.



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