Dimension Acquires Eli Roth-produced AFTERSHOCK and CLOWN

     September 7, 2012


The Toronto Film Festival only just got underway yesterday, but Dimension Films has already made a fairly major acquisition.  Per Deadline, Bob Weinstein’s genre studio is nearing a deal to distribute two projects produced by Hostel director Eli Roth: Aftershock and Clown.  Roth co-wrote and also stars in Aftershock, which is an earthquake thriller that’s set to screen at the festival.

Clown hasn’t yet begun production, but the film actually spawned from an incredibly creepy fan-made trailer that went viral and piqued Roth’s interest.  The story centers on a loving father who dons a clown outfit and make-up to perform at his son’s sixth birthday, only to later discover the costume — red nose and wig included — will not come off.  The distribution deals apparently guarantee a wide release for each film, so this is big news for Roth.  Hit the jump to watch the trailer for Clown.

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