‘Agents of SHIELD’ Video Recap Show: Simmons Returns

     October 28, 2015


Join Will Link, Arron Fenton, Mike Medina and Josh Macuga as they breakdown Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3’s latest episode, entitled “4,722 Hours.”

The title of the episode refers to how long Simmons was gone, lost on a strange alien planet. When the episode begins we see what happened in the moments after she was sucked into the monolith. A desert planet with no sunlight, Jemma spends her first 100 hours searching for water. Once she finds it she also discovers the planet’s other life form, which she soon turns into a meal. The entire time her thoughts consumed of Fitz and the date they were supposed to go on, but after a month she discovers she’s not alone.

A NASA astronaut, Will Daniels (Dillon Casey), is there with her. He’s been alone for 14 years and has given up hope. He tells her of the evil that is out there on the planet, an evil that will infect your mind and turn you violent. Simmons decides that if Will is all doom, she will be the hope and eventually she discovers when and where the next portal will open up. Unfortunately, they miss their window and as she finally give up hope, she also gives into a romantic urges. Finally when Fitz opens up the portal to allow her to return, Will stays back to hold off the evil, while Jemma escapes. Now the man who loves her back on earth must help Jemma rescue the man she loves on the other side of the galaxy.

In the recap the crew discusses where this unique, risk taking episode will be placed in the history of the series. They also debate how long a cell phone battery would last on another planet and how a man might react if he hasn’t seen a woman in 14 years. Now that we know Jemma loves Will, is a Fitz/Simmons relationship doomed? Also will this evil on the planet be something the ATCU might know about? And of course, most importantly they talk about why every girl is crazy about a “shark dressed man.”

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