‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Video Recap Show: What’s With Ward?

     December 2, 2015


Join Will Link, Arron Fenton, Mike Medina and Josh Macuga as they breakdown Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 3 episode 9 “Closure.” The episode starts with a bang, and unfortunately it’s a literal one.

During a romantic dinner with Coulson, Rosalind is shot from a sniper rifle by Ward. Filled with rage and seeking revenge, Coulson goes on the war path. He wants to end Ward once and for all. The director questions everyone on his team, asking about their past relationships with their former friend, hoping to find a weakness. Eventually he decides to go off book taking taking Bobbi and Hunter to kidnap the only person Ward cares about, his younger brother, to use as leverage.


Image via ABC

Mack is then put in charge as interim director, but when he finds out Coulson is moving in on Hydra, he decides to head out with the inhumans to join the fight. Meanwhile Fitz and Simmons have been kidnapped. Hydra need their help to escape the planet once they send their men through the portal. Fitz, not bearing the thought of Simmons being hurt, agrees to go through with Ward and his Hydra team.

On the recap the crew discusses the psychology behind Ward. Based on his relationship with his brother he seems to be cable of love but only in a sick twisted way. Also, does Malick really want Ward to lead or by sending him through the portal is he setting him up to die? Rosalind is mourned and Will shares his emotional thoughts on this great character. A debate rages on about if Fitz is romantic or too much of a sucker for Simmons. Will he ever get out of the friend zone? Finally with the midseason finale next week, will everyone make it out alive?

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Image via ABC