Starz To Develop Vietnam War Series AIRBORNE from Screenwriter Gideon Yago

     April 9, 2013


Starz has announced its plans to develop the original drama Airborne, a coming of age story set at the beginning of the Vietnam War.  The series comes from Gideon Yago, with Rob Tapert (Evil Dead) as its executive producer.  If Yago’s name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you watched MTV in the early 2000s, where Yago worked for the channel’s news department.  Though he may be more familiar as having appeared a few times on TRL and doing the 10 to the hour news, he also spent a lot of time near the end of his time at MTV focusing on politics and creating specials for the network about the Iraq War.

Since then, Yago has spent most of his time continuing to write about war and the Middle East for national outlets, and he worked as a writer on Aaron Sorkin’s HBO series The Newsroom for its first season, penning two episodes.  Hit the jump for more on Airborne and what Yago has to say about it.

vietnam-helicopterAirborne will follow a young helicopter crew “as they fight for survival, sanity, their souls, and each other in a country — and war — that are descending into chaos,” according to Starz.

Yago says of the project,

“Even though we are using Vietnam and the early days of air cavalry as a backdrop, our hope is to bring the audience timeless stories about what makes a hero and how a group of young people fight to retain their humanity in the midst of a surreal and terrible conflict.”

Tapert continues,

“We are incredibly excited to be working on a project that holds such continued importance and relevance today. Airborne will capture the human story of war — a story of love, loss and sacrifice. It will deliver those elements through a lens that is both surreal and stylized, taking the television audience on a journey they have yet to experience in this genre”

The series certainly sounds promising, especially with Yago’s credentials (since his time at MTV he’s been writing for Rolling StoneVice and others, appearing on NPR’s “This American Life,” interviewing former Presidents … you know, the usual).  The airborne idea though seems similar to HBO’s upcoming Masters of the Air, though that series, like its predecessors Band of Brothers and The Pacific takes place in WWII.  In the meantime, if you want another great war series, check out Generation Kill, a very underrated miniseries about recon marines in Iraq.