Comic-Con: Aisha Tyler, Amber Nash, Chris Parnell and Creator Adam Reed Talk ARCHER Season 4, an Underwater Finale, the Recording Process and More

     July 18, 2012

comic con archer

Archer fans love the show for its immoral characters, quick fire pop cultural references and ridiculous plot lines.  The end of Season 3 featured the ISIS crew in outer space, and creator Adam Reed said that he is strongly considering a two-episode finale in Season 4 that would be set underwater.

The talented voice cast who help make Archer so memorable returned to Comic-Con in anticipation of the show’s fourth season.  Show creator Adam Reed, along with voice actors Aisha Tyler, Amber Nash and Chris Parnell, sat down with members of the press to offer their insights regarding the show’s popularity and what motivates their characters.  Check out what they had to say after the jump.

archer-h-jon-benjaminQuestion: Given the style of animation you do, how long does it take crank out an episode?

ADAM REED:  About a month to maybe five weeks.  There is a lot of overlap.  From the time I turn a script in to when the episode gets sent to FX, it’s five weeks.  Matt Thompson and I didn’t know anything about animation.  We just started making it, so we just make it the way we’ve always made it.  I’m sure, in some ways, there are some efficiencies there, but in a lot of ways, I’m sure we’re just doing it totally the wrong way.

Where would you say Archer fits into the pop culture scene?

AISHA TYLER:  I think why people like Archer is because it is a show that is unapologetically for adults.  It’s a grown-up show.  I feel like this show is for grown ups, and that means it is both edgy and smart and it doesn’t apologize for its intelligence or edge.  I think people watch it and they don’t feel spoken down to.  The show generally demands that you step up to the plate.  It is a show that is both smart and thoughtful, and then super dirty.

Can you talk about the choice to record everyone separately versus having everyone in a group?

archer-season-2REED:  A lot of that is geographically necessary because we’re in Atlanta, New York and L.A., and if somebody is making a movie, they could be anywhere.  Even if everybody was in the same place, somebody is for sure making a movie, or something else.

Since you all record alone, what is it like to record half of a conversation, especially when there’s a lot of rapid fire discussion?

CHRIS PARNELL:  Usually, in that kind of back-and-forth situation, Adam will read the other part.  With some lines, you just do it a few different ways and the sound editors make it sound like we’re all in the same room together.

Amber, have you become desensitized to the things that come out of Pam’s mouth?

AMBER NASH:  I still, on occasion, get shocked, but I am a pretty dirty person, in real life, and my comedy is usually pretty dirty.  I’m so excited, when I get the script, to see what Pam is going to say next.  Hopefully, it’s going to be terrible!

Can you talk about the friendship between Pam and Cheryl, on the show?

archerNASH:  I feel like those two characters couldn’t exist without one another because they are so ridiculous together.  I absolutely love Judy [Greer], in real life.  It’s so awesome to have those two together because they make each other crazier, somehow.

Can we expect more action from Cyril getting into the missions?

PARNELL:  He’s going to continue doing agent stuff.  We’ve only recorded a few episodes and, in at least one, Cyril’s had a bit more to do, out in the field.  I was excited last year when Adam told me he was going to make Cyril an agent.  I don’t think he’s going to be demoted.

Are they still keeping the recurring joke about Cyril’s sex addiction?

PARNELL:  That hasn’t come up in awhile.  I think there’s a possibility that he and Lana can get back together.  I don’t know if I’m basing that on something that Adam wrote, or if that’s my dream.

How much do you get to collaborate with Adam?

PARNELL:  When we’re recording, if I think of a different way to say something, he’s always very open to that.  The thing is that Adam writes such good scripts to begin with that you just go in there and try to bring it to life, as best you can.  Sometimes while we’re recording it, he’ll have a suggestion.

What deep, dark secrets do you think Cyril still has from his past?

archer-tv-showPARNELL:  It would be cool if we found out Cyril had been an agent previously and been a real bad-ass.

How do you think the relationships between the characters will play out, this season?

TYLER:  I think, of all of the relationships on the show, Lana’s and Archer’s is, in its own strange way, the kindest and, in some ways, the healthiest.  He obviously has a terrible relationship with his mother.  Him and Pam have something sick and dirty.  I think, at its core, Lana really cares about him and he’s already told her she’s his only friend.  These are really highly dysfunctional people.  They’re drunks, they’re very slutty and they don’t seem to care about anybody but themselves, which is why they are so funny.

Why does Lana continue to forgive Archer?

TYLER:  I think she loves him, not in a romantic way, but he’s one of the only people in the world who understands her.  It’s like being in the military.  A very finite number of people have gone through what they’ve gone through, so they have a shorthand with each other.  Their relationship is clearly dysfunctional.  They are better friends than they are lovers.

Do you take anything from real life and incorporate it into your characters?

REED:  Oh, yeah, all the time.  It’s usually lines that I steal from my girlfriend.  She’s really funny!  That happens at least once an episode, and she hates it.

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