TWILIGHT Screenwriter Adapting Marvel’s AKA JESSICA JONES for TV Series at ABC

     December 17, 2010


ABC is already in the midst of a new TV adaptation of The Incredible Hulk with Guillermo del Toro as one of the creative minds behind the series, but it looks like the network is also interested in a lesser known Marvel character for a new series as well. Variety reports Twilight screenwriter and former Dexter executive producer Melissa Rosenberg will adapt AKA Jessica Jones for the fall 2011 TV season. As part of a launch of the writer’s new Tall Girls Production banner, the potential new series will likely be the first Marvel project to get off the ground at ABC. The story follows a superhero named Jewel (seen above) who contracts post-traumatic stress disorer and opts to get out of the superhero business. More details after the jump.

As her secret identity, Jessica Jones, the thirty-something woman aims to stay away from others with superpowers, but decides to open her own detective agency. But in her goal to help those in need, she finds herself with a desire to help other superheroes who may need her assistance. Apparently the project caught Rosenberg’s eye because “the character is unlike most female leading roles on network TV: deeply flawed but with a biting sense of humor.” It does seem like there is a severe lack of a female version of Dr. Gregory House, so that’s not a bad assessment.

While Rosenberg’s talents on the page for Twilight leave something to be desired, she doesn’t have the best source material to work with from Stephanie Meyer’s middle school writing level. However, hearing that Rosenberg previously had her hands on Dexter definitely helps. Comic book writer Brian Michael Benids, the creator of the character and comic series, will be a consultant on the project with a few Marvel people executive producing alongside Howard Klein (one of the people behind Parks & Recreation). As a point of interesting trivia, the comic book series originally went by the title Alias, another hit ABC series. If this new series can capture the intrigue of J.J. Abrams’ former action drama, then we’re in for a treat. Interested?