Akiva Goldsman and Warner Bros. to Adapt Supernatural Comic LUCID

     March 9, 2012


Warner Bros. and writer-producer Akiva Goldsman (I Am Legend, Fringe) are looking to turn the comic mini-series Lucid into a feature film. Variety reports that WB has picked up the rights to the series for Goldsman to develop and produce as a potential new franchise. The studio has been pretty aggressively on the hunt lately for new titles to fill the Harry Potter void, and this project is right up the fantasy alley. Described as “a tale of what would happen to Harry Potter if he grew up and joined the CIA,” the four-book series takes place in a world where magic is real and our world leaders have secret agents working to stave off supernatural threats. The protagonist is a young agent, “recently appointed ‘Protector of the Realm’ ” who is tasked with combating an occult technology dealer with his skills as both a covert spy and and expert in magic. Hit the jump for more.

lucid-comic-coverZachary Quinto’s Before the Door production banner, which created the comic, will also be producing. Lucid becomes the latest addition to a pretty hefty pile on Goldsman’s plate. He, Ron Howard, and Brian Grazer are still trying to get their ambitious adaptation of The Dark Tower off the ground, he’s developing a Doc Holliday Western series at HBO, and he’s currently casting his supernatural period thriller Winter’s Tale, which he will direct this year.

I’m not the biggest fan of Goldsman’s writing work (his resume includes Cinderella Man and A Beautiful Mind, but also Batman & Robin and Lost in Space), but I’m interested to see him head into the supernatural realm with his features. Variety’s report notes that no screenwriter has been attached to Lucid, so I’m assuming Goldsman will work solely as a producer on the project. It’s an intriguing premise, but the whole thing hinges on the execution. This could very easily be turned into Percy Jackson and the Magic Secret Agents. Nevertheless, we’re probably a ways off from production if and when it occurs. In the meantime, you can rest assured that Warner Bros. is currently developing no less that 50 projects that they hope will be the next mega-franchise a la Harry Potter.

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