Albert Hughes To Direct MOTOR CITY, Chris Evans Offered Lead?

     August 2, 2011


Ever since he wandered away from Akira, Warner Bros has apparently been anxious to sign Menace II Society director Albert Hughes onto one of their upcoming movies. Today it looks as though a project has been found that will keep Hughes at the good ol’ WB and that project is Motor City. The film is a pretty simple revenge picture about a small town crook who is wrongfully sent to jail and comes out determined to punish those responsible. It’s generic stuff, but the twist is that the much beloved script apparently contains only a single line of dialogue. This has the makings of a pretty out there blockbuster action movie and apparently Captain America himself Chris Evans is in talks to play the lead role (how could he possibly memorize all of the dialogue?). Could be interesting. Could get made. Hit the jump for more details.

albert-hughes-imageAccording to TwitchFilm, Warner Bros. is very serious about having Albert Hughes bring Motor City to the big screen and are penciling in a January start date. Chad St. John’s screenplay made the prestigious Black List (an annual collection of the finest unproduced screenplays in Hollywood, for those who don’t know) in 2009 and has pretty strong reputation in the industry. Making a virtually silent Hollywood movie ain’t easy. Not even the Coen Brothers could pull it off when they tried to make a dialogue-free WW2 flick with Brad Pitt. However, Motor City does have a champion who could make execs forget about the whole silence thing, a little producer by the name of Joel Silver (Die Hard, The Matrix, and virtually every other movie that blew shit up and made money over the last 20 years).

With a super-producer like Joel Silver behind it, Motor City very well could actually get made without any major compromises like adding in scenes with talking. Even though Albert Hughes has mysteriously split from his brother to direct this movie solo, he’s definitely a filmmaker who can be counted on for delivering strong action set pieces and making smart and unexpected choices (unless it was Allan Hughes who brought that to the table on their previous movies, of course). Hughes was a smart director pick by Silver and now he’s apparently working on finding a lead.

Apparently Chris Evans has been offered the role and even though he hasn’t responded yet, he’s a strong choice as well. While most people discovered Evans’ action hero chops for the first time in Captain America, he’s been the best part of a lot of bad action movies for years like The Losers and The Fantastic Four. There are rumblings that Joel Edgerton and Jeremy Renner are being considered as leads if Evans passes, but hopefully he won’t. With Hughes, Silver, Evans, and an offbeat silent screenplay behind it, Motor City could quickly become a must-see action movie. Fingers crossed that everything falls into place and Chad St John’s script hasn’t been too heavily tampered with by the studio system.


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