July 26, 2011

The announcement of the films playing at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival has brought with it a deluge of first images from major upcoming movies.  After the jump you’ll find the first images from Rodrigo Garcia’s Albert Nobbs (starring Glenn Close and Mia Wasikowska), Todd Solondz’ Dark Horse (starring Selma Blair, Justin Bartha, and Christopher Walken), Terence Davies’ The Deep Blue Sea (starring Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston), and Jennifer Westfeldt’s Friends with Kids (starring Westfeldt, Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig, and Adam Scott).

Hit the jump to check out all of the images.  We’ve also provided the synopses.  The 2011 Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 8th – 18th.  For all the new TIFF images we’ve posted today, click here.

Albert Nobbs


A witty Irish-set period drama about the lives of staff at Dublin’s most luxurious hotel: the illegitimate child of a maid, a beautiful couple’s impossible love, and Albert…a woman who pretends to be a man to survive. Nineteenth century Ireland: for a woman to be independent and single, she must deceive everyone – by pretending to be a man. Albert, a shy butler who keeps to himself, has been hiding a deep secret for years – “he” is a woman who has had to behave as a man all her life in order to escape a life of poverty and loneliness. When a handsome painter Hubert Page arrives at the hotel, Albert is inspired to try and escape the false life she has created for herself. She gathers her nerve to court beautiful, saucy young maid Helen in whom she thinks she’s found a companion – but Helen’s eye is on a new arrival: handsome, bad-boy Joe, the new handy-man. As Albert dares to hope that she might one day live a normal life, we catch a glimpse of a free-spirited woman who is caught in the wrong time… Stars Glenn Close.

Dark Horse


A thirtysomething guy with arrested development (Justin Bartha) falls for a thirtysomething girl with arrested development (Selma Blair), but moving out of his junior high school bedroom proves too much and tragedy ensues.

The Deep Blue Sea


Hester Collyer (Academy Award-winner Rachel Weisz) leads a privileged life in 1950s London as the beautiful wife of high court judge Sir William Collyer (Simon Russell Beale). To the shock of those around her, she walks out on her marriage to move in with young ex-RAF pilot, Freddie Page (Tom Hiddleston), with whom she has fallen passionately in love.

Friends with Kids


Friends With Kids is a poignant ensemble comedy about a close-knit circle of friends at that moment in life when children arrive and everything changes. There are big laughs and unexpected emotional truths as the last two singles in the group, out of step with their married pals, resolve to have a kid together… and date other people. Stars Kristen Wiig, Megan Fox, Jon Hamm, Maya Rudolph and Edward Burns.

You can also click here to see the images from Luc Besson’s The Lady (starring Michelle Yeoh and David Thewlis), Lars von Trier’s Melancholia (starring Kirsten Dunst, Kiefer Sutherland, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Alexander Skarsgard), Bruce Beresford’s Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding (starring Jane Fonda, Chace Crawford, Elizabeth Olsen, Catherine Keener) and Sarah Polley’s Take this Waltz (starring Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, Luke Kirby).

Click here to see images from Jonathan Levine’s 50/50 (starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen), David Cronenber’s A Dangerous Method (starring Michael Fassbender and Viggo Mortensen), Roland Emmerich’s Anonymous (starring Rhys Ifans and Vangessa Redgrave), George Clooney’s The Ides of March (starring Ryan Gosling), and Oren Moverman’s Rampart (starring Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster).

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