Alec Baldwin Will Still Appear Occasionally on 30 ROCK After Leaving in 2012

     August 10, 2011


Back in November of 2009, actor Alec Baldwin dropped a bit of a bomb saying that he was going to walk away from acting after finishing the sixth season of 30 Rock in 2012. While there’s also been rumblings from Baldwin that the sixth season would also be its last,  executive producer Lorne Michaels recently said the show would continue with a seventh season with or without Baldwin playing Jack Donaghy. Now a recent article from The New York Times discussing Baldwin’s political aspirations says that even after Baldwin leaves the show as a series regular, he’ll still “appear occasionally in future episodes” while he’s enrolled in a master’s program in politics and government. If anything it sounds like Baldwin will still guest star from time to time, but I doubt it will be anything substantial. It’ll be interesting to see if the show can sustain itself without Jack Dongahy around, but as a longtime fan, I’m willing to see what they can do without Baldwin as a series regular.