Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin Team-Up to Host the 82nd Academy Awards

     November 3, 2009


Apparently it takes two hosts to rival Hugh Jackman’s performance from last year’s Oscar ceremony.  Jackman said he wasn’t interested in hosting two years straight and the “Tropic Thunder” duo of Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. also turned down the offer, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin have stepped up and will attempt to make the four-hour ceremony bearable for those watching at home.

While last year’s Oscars were surprisingly good under Bill Condon’s (“Dreamgirls”) direction, I have far less faith in Adam Shankman (“Bedtime Stories”) to come anywhere close to the bar Condon set.  I think given the right material, Baldwin and Martin have the comic talent to help usher along the night.  However, Baldwin’s unrivaled work on “30 Rock” is half-due to the show’s amazing writing staff and as for Martin, well…he not only starred in the “Pink Panther” remakes, he wrote them.  Of course, Martin hosted the show back in 2003 and has worked with Shankman in the past, starring in both “Bringing Down the House” and “Cheaper by the Dozen 2”.  If at this point I haven’t whittled away all hope you had for this year’s ceremony, then you have a surprising abundance of optimism.

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