Alex Garland’s FX Series ‘Devs’ Gets a Pilot Order and Synopsis

     March 13, 2018


Filmmaker Alex Garland is currently blowing minds with his second (official) directorial feature Annihilation, but the writer/director is already hard at work on his next project. The Ex Machina director recently revealed to us that he’s working on an FX series called Devs, set in the world of tech, and today FX officially announced a pilot order for the show while unveiling some tantalizing plot details via an official synopsis.

Garland wrote the pilot and will direct as well as executive produce alongside DNA TV and Scott Rudin Productions, and the official synopsis is as follows:

In Devs, a young computer engineer, Lily, investigates the secretive development division of her employer, a cutting-edge tech company based in San Francisco, which she believes is behind the disappearance of her boyfriend.


Image via A24

On the heels of Ex Machina and Annihilation it appears Garland is telling another female-centric story, and that logline is incredibly tantalizing when you factor in the skill with which Garland crafted intricate, complex stories with his previous two features. Additionally, as star Karl Urban recently revealed, Garland essentially directed the 2012 film Dredd, so the guy certainly has an eye for engaging visuals.

Devs is a big get for FX, who just lost prolific writer/producer/director Ryan Murphy to Netflix. The American Horror Story creator basically jumpstarted an entire wing of programming under the “anthology” banner at FX, but when his deal was up for renegotiation he jumped ship to Netflix for a pricey overall deal where he didn’t have to worry about the uncertainty of a potential Disney buyout affecting FX’s programming.

Regardless, the network continues to be lowkey one of the most exciting around, crafting ambitious and critically acclaimed programming like The Americans, Atlanta, and Legion. Assuming the Devs pilot comes out well, here’s hoping Garland’s talents can be added to that roster in short order.


Image via A24