Alex Pettyfer and Matthew Goode in Talks for OVERDRIVE

     May 12, 2011


Two months after his Dune adaptation collapsed, Taken director Pierre Morel has set up his next movie as a producer, the action thriller OverdriveVariety reports Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number Four) and Matthew Goode (Leap Year) as “a pair of handsome and adventurous brothers, known for being high-profile car thieves, who travel to the South of France looking for new challenges and come across a tough local crime boss.”  Antonio Negret, the Colombian filmmaker who just finished shooting Transit, will direct Overdrive.  Michael Brandt and Derek Haas (Wanted) will write the script.  The $30 million production should get in front of cameras later this summer for a planned summer 2012 release.

Read quotes from the producers after the jump.

pierre-morel-imageKinology head Gregoire Melin remarked:

Overdrive is an action flick with brains and a great dose of humor, mixing elements of Point Break and The Hangover.”

I’m a big fan of “____ meets _____” comparisons.  This one is pretty great, equal parts unhelpful and ridiculous.

Morel launched his production company Elastic Collision earlier this year.  Overdrive will be the first film at Elastic:

“I’ve been looking a long time for the right project to make my producing debut. When I read Derek and Michael’s script, I knew this was the perfect vehicle, in which I could input all the experience I had gathered over the years.”

Morel, who made his name as a director of photography, will serve as the action and art supervisor.  Melin suggested Morell will be involved “every step of the way, from the preparation to the production and shooting.”

Somehow I missed that Pettyfer is British until tonight.  I assume the filmmakers are in talks with two Brits to let them speak in their natural accents.  Perhaps that’s the key that unlocks the charisma from behind Pettyfer’s pretty face?  If so, I’m totally up for a movie about carjackers who tear through the French streets guided by the Morel sensibility.

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