ALF May Come to the Theaters in Live-Action/CGI Hybrid

     August 8, 2012


Hide your cats, the Alien Life Form known as ALF is coming to a theater near you!  Sony Pictures Animation has just landed the feature rights to the 1980s television sitcom.  Along with producer Jordan Kerner (Smurfs) and show creators Tom Patchett and puppeteer Paul Fusco, the studio will develop the project as a blend of live-action and CGI.  Fusco, who voiced the furry character for all 102 episodes, will lend his vocal talents to the film as well.  Hit the jump for more on ALF

Heat Vision brings us the exciting news that an ALF adaptation may be in the works for the big screen.  As an alien that crash-landed to Earth and was subsequently taken in by the Tanner family, ALF (aka Gordon Shumway) was a sarcastic little furball that had an appetite for cats and a penchant for attracting trouble from government authorities.  It’s unfortunate that the studio appears to be bypassing the ALF puppet in place of CGI, but at least the voice will ring true.  No writer or director is attached at present, so keep an eye on this one for future developments.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, here’s the intro.  Ah, memories.


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