Alfonso Cuarón Signs Deal with Apple to Develop TV Products

     October 10, 2019

alfonso-cuaron-sliceAfter nabbing Netflix its second feature-length Oscar with Roma, filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón has once again set his artfully-composed sights on streaming. But this ain’t Netflix: THR reports Cuarón has inked an overall deal with Apple to create television projects for the company’s upcoming Apple TV+ streaming service. Under the deal, Cuarón will still keep his nonexclusive deal with Anonymous Content, who he will help to develop select projects. The report notes that several networks were in a bidding war to claim Cuarón’s services, but Apple eventually won out thanks to—and this is more speculation than anything—just an absolutely mind-boning amount of money.

And who could blame them? Like a lot of things Apple TV+ related there’s not a ton of details on what exactly Cuarón will get up to, but the Gravity director developing his second TV series anywhere is exciting news. Did you see Roma? It was like the world’s most depressing post-card collection came to vivid life through black-and-white magic. This is a compliment.

Apple TV+ officially launches on November 1, 2019. Similar to most streamers—like the similarly-named Disney+, launching 11 days later on November 12—the platform has styled itself as a place for top-name creatives to come and tell their stories unburdened and high-budgeted. Whatever projects Cuaron creates, they will debut next to series like Steven Knight‘s epic fantasy See starring Jason Momoa, drama The Morning Show—which features the A-list trio of Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell, and Jennifer Aniston— and M. Night Shyamalan‘s psychological thriller, Servant.

Check out the streaming service’s sizzle reel below: