‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ Photos Reveal the Steampunk Minions of Time

     April 22, 2016


Alice Through the Looking Glass has a steampunk feel to it, as apparent in the trailers previewing Sacha Baron Cohen’s Time and his Victorian clock-esque headquarters. But new photos revealing the little minions that lie within bring even more of the style to this already fantastical world.

Entertainment Weekly revealed a new batch of images from the Alice in Wonderland sequel featuring Seconds, the wind-up robot helpers of Time. According to animation supervisor Troy Saliba, “‘Minions’ is a word that we generally try to avoid, but we were leaning on body-language comedians like Mr. Bean and Buster Keaton.” The primary Second is Wilkins, who flaunts a mustache and steam-powered design. Director James Bobin calls him “our little oil can with legs,” adding, “He’s the curious puppy who always wants to help out.”

However, you don’t want to get on these little buggers’ bad side, as Alice (Mia Wasikowska) discovers when she steals the battery to Time’s grand clock. The Seconds gather together in groups of 60 to form a creature called Minutes. When all the Minutes get together, they form — you guessed it — the Hour.

Bobin, who succeeded Tim Burton in helming the sequel, told Collider of the CG world:

It’s a delicate balance, because obviously I loved the first film in terms of Tim’s work on it. Its look is beautiful. It really is a spectacularly interesting world to live in and the characters are so spectacular – Helena’s look and all that stuff. I really wanted to pay tribute to that, to keep that sense of the universe being whole, but we were lucky in the script that we had that we could move through time. So therefore, I was able to do different things and use different places.

Featuring Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter, Anne Hathaway’s White Queen, Helena Bonham Carter’s Red Queen, and the late Alan Rickman’s Caterpillar, Alice Through the Looking Glass is scheduled for release on May 27th. See the new photos below.


Image via Disney


Image via Disney


Image via Disney

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