Alicia Silverstone Highlights a Favorite Under-Appreciated Scene from ‘Clueless’

     April 16, 2020

As a child of the 90s, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about the next episode of Collider Ladies Night because we’ve got Alicia Silverstone on the show! Ladies Night is a long-form interview series designed to recap and reflect on the journey from early inspiration to a guest’s latest project, and in Silverstone’s case, that new project is the upcoming release Bad Therapy. We’re going to have so much more information on that new movie coming your way when we unveil the full interview on Friday, but how about a brief clip from our chat in the meantime?


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Yes, Silverstone is a high school romantic comedy legend thanks to 1995’s Clueless, but it’s also well worth highlighting how prolific she’s been ever since. Silverstone has amassed quite the body of work including movies, television shows and a significant amount of stage work as well, covering a slew of different genres and topics spearheaded by some extremely talented collaborators. Her journey in the industry is packed with bold choices and work that comes from a place of pure passion, truly making her the perfect guest to have on a show like Ladies Night. But again, a kid of the 90s here! You knew I had to slip in a least one question about Clueless.

As someone with a laundry list of favorite scenes and lines of dialogue, I was curious to get Silverstone’s take on the topic so asked her if there’s a specific moment in Clueless that she’s most proud of and wishes was talked about more often. Here’s what she told me:

“Not necessarily. I think over the years probably people have figured this out, but at first I think people just thought that’s what I was like and I was, ‘I’m a very serious actress.’ [Laughs] That was a role I was playing. I’m not at all like the character. My heart is in the character of Cher. But I do think that people have figure that out now.” 


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Turns out, not only is Silverstone’s heart in the character of Cher, but her mother actually influenced what she did with the role as well:

“There’s one moment I really like in the movie where – and I always felt  like I was channeling some old 1930s or 1940s actress or something. And I had some people in mind that I just felt like, ‘I’m connected right now.’ And my mom, too. When I get out of the car before I get robbed, you know, before he puts the gun to my head, when I get out of the car with Jeremy Sisto and I just did this like whoosh thing! [Laughs] I don’t know what it was but I sort of brushed it all off. I just thought that was really like, where did that come from? But I remember thinking it when I was doing it. It just felt like something like my mom, or like Marilyn Monroe or Lucille Ball-y kind of feeling, and I liked it.” 

If you’re looking for more from Silverstone about her appearance on The Wonder Years, her Aerosmith music videos, her role in Batman and Robin, and so much more, keep an eye out for the full episode of Collider Ladies Night dropping on April 17th, just in time for the VOD release of Bad Therapy.

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