It Looks Like Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Alien’ Movie Will Resurrect Newt

     April 26, 2016

Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection aren’t perfect movies, and they’re nowhere near as good as Alien and Aliens. However, it looks like they’ll be tossed out of canon so that director Neill Blomkamp can bring back beloved characters Hicks and Newt for his untitled Alien movie.

We already knew that Hicks was likely back in the mix thanks to some concept art Blomkamp released back in July 2015. Then last November, Blomkamp announced that his Alien sequel would include a 27-year-old Newt. Now, to mark “Alien Day”, he’s shared some concept art of what his new, non-dead Newt would look like [via BMD]:

Alien day

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The design is fine, but this all boils down to whether or not you think that Blomkamp should have to abide by the decisions made by other people in the franchise, or if he just gets to play fanfic and say, “Yeah, people worked really hard on telling those stories, but I don’t like them, so I’m just going to ignore them entirely.” Again, I don’t think Alien 3 or Resurrection are as good as the first two movies, but I also don’t think they should be discarded outright.

It also doesn’t help that Blomkamp has fallen out of us giving him the benefit of the doubt and District 9 looking more like a fluke and Elysium and Chappie being a more honest representation of a director who might be a solid “idea man”, but comes up short as a storyteller.

This is assuming that Blomkamp’s movie is still happening. Sigourney Weaver is still confident that it is, but we’ll have to wait and see until after Ridley Scott‘s upcoming Alien: Covenant, which opens next year.

What do you think of the new Newt design? Do you think they should go with an older character, or should Blomkamp stick to the established mythology? Sound off in the comments section.


Image via 20th Century Fox


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