All Signs Point to Paramount Making Movie Based on Magic 8-Ball

     April 28, 2010

Magic 8-Ball slice.jpg

Is Paramount making a movie based on Mattel’s Magic 8-Ball?  “All signs point to yes.”  Is it a movie that seems like a good idea? “Very doubtful.”  Deadline reports that the studio is using the ball-you-shake-for-answers (no, the other one) as the basis for a live-action adventure film.  Paramount has hired Jon Gunn and John Mann to write a script.  Presumably, they won’t have the movie end with someone cracking open the 8-Ball to discover blue liquid along with a metal 20-sided die, and then moving on with their day.  Gunn and Mann also wrote the upcoming DreamWorks Animation film, Alcatraz vs. The Evil Librarians because it’s fun when you just throw words together to make a title.

Paramount is also developing Mattel’s Max Steel.  Mattel’s Tim Kilpin and Barry Waldo are exec producers.

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