Alliance to Distribute John Hughes Documentary DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME

     August 10, 2009


Who knew that one of those “Power Rangers” kids had a thing for John Hughes?  No one…until the famed director of “Sixteen Candles” died last week, that is.  That was the moment when interest in Hughes was renewed and an aspiring filmmaker (and former Green Ranger) named Matt Austin-Sadowski got himself a movie deal.  Hit the jump for details.

According to Variety, Austin-Sadowski has reached an agreement with Alliance Films to release his Hughes documentary “Don’t You Forget About Me”.  The 75-minute film will debut in the Ranger’s native Canada with a US deal said to be “in the offing”.

The 31 year-old filmmaker made a road trip to suburban Illinois the centerpiece of his documentary.  Along with his producer, he intercut footage of their search for the notoriously reticent Hughes with interviews with some of the J.H. all-stars – including Ally Sheedy, Mia Sara, Judd Nelson and Andrew McCarthy.

Interestingly Molly Ringwald – arguably Hughes’ best-known alum – refused to participate.  She’s just drunk on her “Secret Life of the American Teenager” fame at the moment and hates to dredge up the past.  Either that or she hates green Canadian ninjas.

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