‘Alone’ Trailer Finds ‘The Outsider’ Star Playing One Creepy-Ass Serial Killer

     August 6, 2020


Magnet Releasing has unleashed a trailer for John Hyams‘ serial killer thriller Alone, which stars Jules Willcox (Bloodline), Marc Menchaca (The Outsider) and Anthony Heald, who knows a thing or two about this genre, having played Dr. Chilton in The Silence of the Lambs.

Wilcox stars as Jessica, a grief-stricken widow who flees the city in an attempt to cope with the loss of her husband. When Jessica is kidnapped by a mysterious man (Menchaca) and locked in a cabin in the Pacific Northwest, she escapes into the wilderness and is pursued by her vicious captor, who has done this kind of thing before.


Image via Magnet Releasing

Hyams directed from a script by Mattias Olsson, who previously wrote and directed the similarly-themed 2011 movie Gone. That film followed a young woman eager to start a new life after a family tragedy when she realizes she’s being followed by a SUV. I wonder if Alone is simply an English-language remake of sorts? Both films were produced by Henrik JP Åkesson, though he didn’t produce Alone alone. Ha! The film was also produced by Jordan Foley, Mike Macari and Jonathan Rosenthal.

Magnet will release Alone on Sept. 18 on VOD and in select theaters, where it won’t be, um, alone, seeing as how Warner Bros. recently announced that Tenet will hit theaters earlier in the month. Mulan and Antebellum, on the other hand, are skipping theaters in favor of VOD releases.

Menchaca looks super creepy here, and the fiery Wilcox looks as though she’s not going out without a fight. They don’t always turn out well, but I love smaller genre films like Alone, and I requested a screener as soon as I watched this nail-biting trailer. Check it out below, and if you’re thirsty for more, click here for the Centigrade trailer.

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