Full ‘Altered Carbon’ Teaser Trailer Reveals Netflix’s Murder Mystery Sci-Fi Series

     December 11, 2017


After showcasing a premiere date announcement teaser last week, the full teaser trailer for the upcoming Netflix series Altered Carbon has been released online. Based on the cyberpunk noir novel of the same name by Richard K. Morgan, the sci-fi series takes place 300 years in the future, in a world where humans’ consciousness can be transferred into new bodies, allowing them to live for hundreds of years. But when James Purefoy’s incredibly wealthy Laurens Bancroft is murdered, he hires an interstellar warrior to solve the case.

Joel Kinnaman, of The Killing and RoboCop fame, plays that warrior, Takeshi Kovacs. He’s the lone surviving soldier from a group that was defeated in an uprising, and his mind was imprisoned for centuries until Laurens pulls him out. The show certainly looks to be visually quite stunning, which is no surprise given that it’s directed by Miguel Sapochnik, who helmed the “Battle of the Bastards” episode of Game of Thrones. There are certainly strong hints of Blade Runner here, and it’ll be interesting to see how the full series unfolds.

Check out the new Altered Carbon trailer below. Written and produced by Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island), the series also stars Renee Elise Goldsberry, Martha Higareda, Ato Essandoh, Chris Conner, Will Yun Lee, and Dichen Lachman. Altered Carbon premieres on Netflix on February 2, 2018.