Amanda Seyfried and McG Both Plan to Con the Ivy League

     March 17, 2010


It would probably save us all a lot of time if I just tell you what movies Amanda Seyfried will NOT be in over the next year or so.  One thing I can assure you is that she is not in the running to play Captain America. At least not yet.

However, she has just added another project to her busy schedule.  A short while ago, Production Weekly tweeted that both Seyfried and producer/writer/director, McG (Terminator Salvation) are attached to Lorene Scafaria’s pitch based on the recent Rolling Stone article “The Girl Who Conned The Ivy League”.

Sabrina Rudin Erdely’s article covers the true story of Esther Reed, a young girl who uses false identities to run from her own and then swindles her way into some of the most illustrious universities.  Here’s a link to the article in full (which I highly recommend indulging in).


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