Amanda Seyfried Joins Kevin Bacon in Blumhouse’s ‘You Should Have Left’

     June 7, 2018


Fresh off the acclaimed drama First Reformed, Amanda Seyfried is set to join Kevin Bacon in Blumhouse’s supernatural thriller You Should Have Left, sources tell Collider.

David Koepp is directing from his own screenplay, which is based on the unsettling Daniel Kehlmann novel of the same name. Koepp previously directed Bacon in Stir of Echoes.

Bacon will play a wealthy man with a younger wife (Seyfried) and a six-year-old child. Mistrust and suspicion characterize their marriage while they are in a remote location that may or may not be obeying all the physical laws of the universe.


Image via Netlix

You Should Have Left sounds a bit like Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic The Shining, but we’re sure that Koepp will put his own spin on things, just as he did with the Johnny Depp movie Secret Window, which was based on a novella by Stephen King.

Jason Blum (Get Out) is producing along with Bacon, who found the novel and brought it to Koepp. They optioned the novel together and jointly developed the project, which is expected to start production later this year.

Seyfried broke out on TV shows like Big Love and Veronica Mars, and she recently returned to the small screen for David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. While her last few films have flown under the radar (we’re thinking of Gringo, Anon, The Clapper and The Last Word), First Reformed has struck a chord with arthouse audiences, and Seyfried should have a hit on her hands with the Mamma Mia! sequel due later this summer. You Should Have Left represents a solid opportunity for the young actress.

Seyfried, who has been busy filming The Art of Racing in the Rain with Milo Ventimiglia, is represented by Innovative Artists.

Blumhouse will release David Gordon Green’s Halloween sequel this fall, and you can find the first trailer for that movie on Collider tomorrow morning.

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