Amanda Seyfried Talks GONE and LES MISERABLES

     February 21, 2012


In the curtly titled Gone, Amanda Seyfried stars as Jill, a pill-popping, suicidal chronic liar whose sister may or may not have been kidnapped by the same mystery-man that abducted Seyfried (or did he?) two years prior. The lack of conviction in the previous sentence could be due to any of the aforementioned pill-abusing/emotionally unstable/duplicitous attribute(s) of the character.  But Seyfried/Jill sure does seem convinced that something terrible is afoot. It honestly doesn’t matter if Jill’s right/wrong/crazy/lying/all-of-the-above — because you can’t help but want her to be true. Reality doesn’t matter, only conviction.

In the following interview, Amanda Seyfried discusses the morally grey nature of Jill and the difficulties in playing a scene all by your lonesome. Seyfried was also more than excited to discuss Tom Hooper’s Les Misérables – in particular the live recordings for the musical. Gone opens everywhere this Friday. For the full interview, hit the jump.

Amanda Seyfried

  • Talks about the balancing act of playing a character in a psychological thriller
  • Did she do any training for the role and what type of fighting style she learned
  • For much of the film she’s by herself, is it a different process as an actor getting ready for those scenes. Also, does she find them more difficult
  • Talks about how excited she is for Les Miserables and how Tom Hooper is going to record the live performances


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