Amanda Seyfried Says She’s Only in Negotiations for Catherine Hardwicke’s GIRL WITH THE RED RIDING HOOD

     March 9, 2010


Speaking with Steve at the press junket today for Atom Egoyan’s upcoming erotic thriller Chloe, star Amanda Seyfried clarified that she was only in negotiations to star in Catharine Hardwicke’s Girl with the Red Riding HoodWhen she spoke with Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet at last Sunday’s Academy Awards, it sounded like she was definitely going to star in the project.  However, she made it clear to Steve that while she wants to do the film, no papers have been signed.  Seyfried also mentioned that she’s been offered a number of upcoming projects and in addition to the possibility of her doing Red Riding, we could be hearing about other films she’s attached to very soon.

Hit the jump for more details on Girl with the Red Riding Hood and what we and the project so far.  Also, check back later for a video clip of Seyfried talking about the project.

Updated with video

Girl with the Red Riding Hood will be Hardwicke’s first film since she directed Twilight using only the color blue.  The movie is intended to be a gothic retelling of the fairy tale Red Riding Hood and will feature a teenage love triangle, because when I hear “gothic retelling”, I think “teenage love triangle.”  Says Hardwicke of the project:

“It’s wild with all these different secrets and lies, and a murder mystery,” she said. “It’s super-sexy.”

If Seyfried does sign on to the film, it will definitely have the super-sexy part down.

Again, Steve will be updating this story in a few hours with video of exactly what Seyfried had to say about Girl with the Red Riding Hood.


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