Amazing Comic-Con ALOHA! Reschedules Convention Due to Hurricane Lane Safety Concerns

     August 24, 2018

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Amazing Comic-Con ALOHA! has just announced they will be rescheduling this weekend’s convention due to Hurricane Lane. The convention was scheduled to run August 24th – 26th in Hawaii and was going to be located at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu.

Jimmy Jay, founder of Amazing Comic Con ALOHA! said in a statement:

“We watched the weather closely and as hurricane lane weakened we made a decision to utilize the vendors, talent and media that had made it to Hawaii to still move forward with our show but due to circumstances beyond Amazing Comic Conventions Control the convention center became unavailable for use. The safety of our attendees and guests is paramount to us. We are actively rescheduling and look forward to returning to Hawaii in the very near future with the best Architects of Pop Culture!”

Information on rescheduled dates can be found at and on @AmazingComicCon Socials as soon as they have the dates figured out.

If you weren’t aware, Collider was the media partner of the convention and I was scheduled to moderate a number of the panels in Honolulu. While I’m disappointed the convention needed to be rescheduled, the safety of attendees is of paramount importance and I completely agree with the decision.


Image via Steve Weintraub

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