Amazing Fan Made STAR WARS Documentary Filled With Alternate Takes, Audio From Cast and Crew, Bloopers, More

     February 3, 2011

Star Wars Darth Vader slice

No matter what making of documentary George Lucas decides to release on the upcoming Star Wars Blu-ray/DVD box set later this year, I don’t know how it’ll be better than what YouTube user jambedavdar has already done.  That’s because he’s crafted a truly amazing doc on the making of Star Wars that includes video clips, audio from the cast and crew, alternate takes, bloopers, and text facts/insights into the development and creation of one of the biggest movies of all time.  I haven’t been this impressed by a fan made documentary in…well…ever.  Especially because of the limited alternate footage that’s available.

As a lifelong Star Wars fan who has seen and heard countless interviews with the filmmakers and cast, I cannot believe how comprehensive this doc is.  As you watch, on the top or bottom of the screen it’ll say where the video/audio comes from and he mixes in footage that I’ve never seen.  And on top of all that, it’s not some ten minute short.  It’s over two hours!  Again, if you’re a Star Wars fan, hit the jump to be impressed:

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