June 12, 2012


Earlier this week, we reported that The Amazing Spider-Man world might be branching out to include the spin-off Venom even though the eponymous character doesn’t appear in Spidey’s movie.  Instead, the plan would be to reverse engineer a future crossover a la The Avengers.  However, this crossover would stay within Sony Pictures.  We’re still waiting for studios to realize the mutual benefit of crossing over their Marvel properties, but it turns out that Sony and Disney almost made the first deal to do so.

Hit the jump to find out how The Amazing Spider-Man and The Avengers almost crossed over.  The Amazing Spider-Man opens in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D on July 3rd.

According to Latino Review, there were never any plans to have the character interact, but they almost shared the same Manhattan.  The Amazing Spider-Man‘s late production designer J Michael Riva did some amazing work with Oscorp Tower, and the building almost found its way into The Avengers‘ Manhattan skyline, which would have made for an awesome Easter egg.


By the time the Oscorp building was fully designed, The Avengers digital Manhattan was already basically rendered and there was some up-conversion that needed to go down, so – for timing – it was scrapped.

However, there was a plan for a crossover between studios, which shows that they’re at least talking and open to the possibility of uniting their various superhero worlds.  Yes, it would have been small like a building in the background, but it’s a start.


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