Amazon’s New Pilots Will Include Space Priests, Homemade Superheroes, and More

     March 2, 2017


No one can quite figure out what Amazon Studio’s rollout schedule is for their new series. Sneaky Pete‘s pilot premiered in August of 2015, and after tallying the votes and deciding to move forward with the series, Amazon debuted it this past January. While we wait on the first seasons of the last round of comedy pilots (including The Tick, I Love Dick, and Jean-Claude Van Johnson), we’re now getting five new ones to consider (of both one-hour dramas and half-hour comedies). While some kind of schedule might be nice, I have to say, I like the cut of Amazon’s jib with most of these series, so we’ll roll with it.

This new slate of pilots will premiere March 17th, where you can vote on what you like or don’t like, and Amazon will decide what to move forward with (sometimes despite popular opinion — I Love Dick didn’t get a hugely warm response, but it’s from Transparent‘s Jill Soloway so it went into production anyway). This latest crop has a number of interesting entries, including a new series from Gilmore GirlsAmy Sherman-Palladino, a space preacher drama starring Game of ThronesRichard Madden, and an adult animated comedy about low-level employees who take over their company after accidentally murdering their boss. 

You can check out the full list of synopses below, and we’ll have pilot reviews for each heading your way soon: