New ‘American Gods’ Clip Introduces Crispin Glover’s Mysterious Mr. World

     May 23, 2017


American Gods has really shaken up the TV landscape this spring by bringing us some truly audacious and visually striking sequences. Though the storyline has been a little incomprehensible to me (as a non-book reader), I’m still all-in on the journey. The show has been a unique experience, and isn’t afraid to break its own patterns in an episode like last week’s “Git Gone,” which not only focused mostly on just one character’s backstory (Laura Moon), but also was a completely new story when it comes to Neil Gaiman’s original book.

I was tipped off by my colleague Dave Trumbore that the same is true regarding this newly released clip of Mr. World (Crispin Glover). It’s our first time meeting him, and it’s easy to pick up on the tension between him and Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane), especially since (even as someone who doesn’t fully know what’s going on) we do know that there is a war brewing between the Old Gods and the New. Check out the clip below:

Hmm, a weird, creepy, mysterious figure? Yes, Glover feels like a perfect fit here. We don’t know what the circumstances are regarding this meeting, but apparently it’s a big departure from the book. (Though I love his menacing sass — “I should have reached out to you ages ago, but to be honest, I didn’t see you.”)

If you are confused about who these gods and creatures and other characters are, take a gander at our American Gods Guide, which should hopefully clear a few things up. And if you’re following the show week to week, definitely don’t miss Nick Romano’s insightful recaps, which help guide those of us who are new to the story, while also pointing out some cool Easter eggs for longtime fans of the book.

Let us know what you think of the show and the new clip in the comments, and if you want to discuss book spoilers in the comments, please mark them with a “SPOILER WARNING” first.

American Gods airs Sunday nights on Starz.


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Image via Starz


Image via Starz