‘AHS’ Season 8 Will Be a “Murder House” & “Coven” Crossover, Ryan Murphy Confirms

     June 14, 2018


Fans who have been waiting for a full American Horror Story crossover need wait no longer! Creator Ryan Murphy announced today on Twitter that his FX anthology series will move into Season 8 by remembering its past, specifically, that it will be a crossover between “Murder House” and “Coven.” Murphy has already revealed that franchise mainstays Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Kathy Bates will all lead the new season, and also noted that it will be out in September. Check out his Tweet below:

Though Murphy recently signed an insane deal with Netflix worth $300 million, the producer is still working on existing projects with FX. But when it comes to American Horror Story, that’s also a win for Netflix (who streams it), and a big reason why they wanted Murphy to begin with. In a THR profile from earlier this year, we learned that:

After Netflix won the bidding war — with a two-season commitment, plus a giant sum thrown in to stream more Horror Story — Murphy and Sarandos celebrated with a drink at the Sunset Tower. “It felt like cheating,” the producer jokes now. “And looking back at it all, that was probably the gateway drug because they got to know me.”

A few months ago, Murphy also gave more details about Season 8 of AHS, saying that Evan Peters would be playing a comedic hair stylist, and that Joan Collins will play his grandmother, and that the series takes place 18 months from now. We’ll see if that’s changed with this crossover confirmation, and let you know when more details come available for this witchy season …