‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ Brings Back Emma Roberts & Evan Peters in New Set Photos

     August 28, 2018


It’s almost Halloween season, and in TV terms, that means it’s also American Horror Story season. Following the insanity of last year’s election-inspired season, Cult, AHS is digging deep into its own lore for Apocalypse, which will bring back the casts of Murder House and Coven (including some actors who are doing double duty) for a mysterious story about the end of the world.

Ryan Murphy has been sharing some sneak peeks on social media and now we’ve got our first official looks at the return of Evan Peters as Tate Langdon and Emma Roberts as Madison Montgomery. Yes, they’re both dead but it’s American Horror Story, so anything goes.

Tate. Happy to be home.

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Peters will reprise his role as Tate, the ghost of a teenage school shooter who romanced Taissa Farmiga’s Violet Harmon and ultimately raped her mother Vivien Harmon while dressed as the Rubber Man. The result of that insanity was the birth of a demon-baby — and not just any demon-baby, the anti-Christ. For Apocalypse, Connie Britton is returning to AHS for the first time since Murder House to reprise the role of Vivien, alongside Farmiga, Dylan McDermott as her husband Ben Harmon, and American Crime Story: Versace star Cody Fern, who’s playing the grown up version of Michael Langdon, aka the demon-baby. Murder House star Jessica Lange will also return as the sassy miss Constance Langdon, the catty neighbor who’s been caring for Michael since the untimely death of the Harmons.

So how to the Coven gals factor into all of this? It’s too soon to say! But as Murphy revealed in an Instagram post Madison isn’t just back, she’s hanging out amongst the bones at the Murder House. Adding to the mystery is the fact that she was strangled to death in Coven and turned into a corpse doll by a creepy ghost butler. (This show is the most extra, always.) But she’s a witch, it’s the apocalypse, and there’s a Satan baby on the lose. The rule book is out the window.

The rest of the Coven crew is back as well, including Frances Conroy, Lily Rabe, Gabourey Sidibe, and Stevie Nicks. In addition to coming back as Violet, Farmiga is doing double duty and reprising her Coven role as Zoe. But the real over-achiever is Sarah Paulson who will be playing three different roles this season — Murder House medium Billie Dean Howard, Coven Supreme Cordelia Foxx, and a mysterious new character by the name of Venable. Paulson also directed an episode for the eighth season.

American Horror Story returns to FX on September 12th.