February 25, 2015


Did the Academy Awards need that whole Sound of Music tribute when the show was already running over? Probably not, but I did appreciate Lady Gaga’s epic transformation. I’d never expect her to completely ditch the crazy outfits and sing classic tunes like “My Favorite Things” and “Edelweiss,” but she did and she nailed it, suggesting she’s got more range than some thought. Now let’s just hope that that range extends to acting as well.

american-horror-story-hotel-lady-gagaIt was just announced that Lady Gaga is officially set to star in American Horror Story season 5. I never saw Machete Kills, but I did catch her performance in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and distinctly noted that she was surprisingly natural in the minimal role, so perhaps she can handle a bigger part on this show.

On top of that, the Lady Gaga casting announcement video also revealed the theme for season 5, American Horror Story: Hotel. Admittedly, I’m a little disappointed the whole Operation Top Hat thing isn’t happening and have no clue how all of those top hats teased in Freak Show pertain to this idea, but Hotel certainly has potential. Right now I’m imagining scenarios like what goes down in The Shining, but really, anything is possible from hauntings to murders and more.

No matter what type of scares Ryan Murphy and his team run with, I’ve got my fingers crossed that they stick close to what they achieved in Murder House by making sure that everything that goes down on the show is connected to the location. As we saw in Freak Show, Coven and Asylum, straying too far from the theme of the season rarely works out well.

You can check out the American Horror Story casting and theme reveal video below. Hopefully this means more season 5 details will start to come in soon!