‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Guide, Week 10: Every Question We Have Before ‘Great Again’

     November 8, 2017


For anyone like me who was unsure of the direction American Horror Story: Cult might be heading in, last night’s episode helpfully explained that Kai Anderson’s rise to Michigan City Councilman was actually orchestrated by his anger management counselor Bebe Babbitt—who also may or may not have helped organize the Zodiac Killer murders in the 1960s at the behest of the woman who tried to shoot Andy Warhol in the head—because Bebe sees in Kai the potential to unleash the pent up feminine rage that has been building in America for centuries, which, in fairness, Kai does, but he takes things slightly too far by murdering people while dressed as a clown and assembling a cult made up of angry virgin Red Pill vloggers with nicknames like Tripod and Heart Attack who still can’t stop protesters from nailing Kai with piss-filled protest balloons, leading the blue-haired Senator hopeful down a spiral of paranoia in which the hallucination a vision of Charles Manson urges him to kill his sister, who is not actually the mole in Kai’s cult because the mole in Kai’s cult is a man named Speed Wagon who one week ago gleefully offered to cut off his own dick in service to the cause.

So, yeah, that’s all pretty much cleared up. Still, we have a few questions: