‘AHS: Cult’ Guide, Week 5: Every Question We Have Before ‘Mid-Western Assassin’

     October 4, 2017


Like a tweet sent at 4 a.m. by the president, American Horror Story usually leaves us with far more questions than answers. Each week, we’re going to take a deeper look into every question the anthology gore-a-palooza needs to A.

“Holes” was certainly an interesting episode, in that it took all that was intriguing about American Horror Story: Cult—Who are these clowns? What are they doing? Why are they doing it?—and just sort of…explained it all. Whim, wham, thanks for cumming all over the frozen vegetables, the cult is exactly what you thought it was. Namely: they are a few disenfranchised idiots led by a charismatic yet clearly insane millennial, who dress up like clowns to spread fear but then murder anyone who saw them dressed as clowns. Really, the only question left is if 13 nails to the head is actually the World Record. (All I could find is this guy who hammers nails with his head, which is both more entertaining and a better metaphor for America.) And, alright, I guess there’s a few more:

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