‘American Horror Story’: Sarah Paulson & Evan Peters Returning for “Modern Day” Season 7

     January 12, 2017


One of American Horror Story‘s most rewarding (and least indulgent) delights is the revolving troupe of actors who return season after season to endure and explore whatever insanity and depravity series creator Ryan Murphy has cooked up for them anew. With American Horror Story picking up Season 8 and 9 renewals this morning (in addition to Season 7, which was already confirmed), the door is wide open for all manner of wacky worlds for Murphy’s ensemble to walk into next and while we don’t yet know what themes lie ahead, we do know that two of the series most longstanding and fan-favorite actors are already on board for Season 7.

While at the FX TCA press day for his upcoming Old Hollywood drama Feud: Bette and Joan, Murphy confirmed that series regulars Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will return for Season 7. Following the panel, we caught up with Murphy in a small interview, and while didn’t offer any details on their characters or the theme of the upcoming season, except to say that it will be “a modern-day story.”


Image via FX

“There are only three people who know what season 7 is about,” said Murphy, “Dana Walden, John Landgraf and Sarah Paulson.”

How long will we have to wait to find out more? Probably not as long as we did with Season 6, which broke with series tradition and withheld the theme reveal until the season premiere. While Roanoke was a fairly successful gambit for the Murphy and FX, leading to premiere ratings that were on par with Hotel, it didn’t blow ratings through the roof.

FX boss Jon Landgraf teased that Season 7, which Murphy previously said includes the return of a number of Freakshow characters, will be would be “shrouded in secrecy”, but Murphy said we’re likely to see at least some of the series earlier than we did for Roanoke.

“Last year was successful, but I don’t know that we’d do that again. I think maybe we would release some of it earlier than we did,” said Murphy, “We just started writing it, we haven’t even cast it yet except for Sarah and Evan. I don’t know I haven’t decided how to do it yet.”