Ryan Murphy Announces ‘American Horror Story’ Spinoff Series

     May 11, 2020

Not only is Ryan Murphy sticking with American Horror Story on FX, but it appears as though he’s also now working on a spinoff of the popular anthology series. The uber-producer made the announcement on his Instagram page on Monday that he’s working on American Horror Stories, which he says is a spinoff series that will consist of one-hour contained episodes. AHS itself was already a more contained way for Murphy to tell stories, as the show resets each season and tells a complete story from beginning to end. But now it appears he’s going even more granular—though here’s hoping he wasn’t inspired by Quibi to turn AHS into “quick bites.”

It’s unclear if American Horror Stories would air on FX or FX on Hulu or some other outlet, as Murphy simply announced the show on his Instagram account in which he also said he’d just informed the cast about when they’d be shooting Season 10 of American Horror Story. Murphy recently said Season 10 is “weather-dependent” and may have to be postponed, or he may tackle a different idea. Originally, Season 10 was going to be set a the beach, but with no clarity on when production might resume in Hollywood due to COVD-19 concerns, it’s up in the air as to whether that beach setting will still be viable when the time comes to go back to work.


Image via FX

American Horror Story launched in 2011 and pulled off a pretty successful twist. In the first season’s final two episodes, the main cast was basically killed off. Only then did Murphy reveal that AHS was an anthology series that would reset each season, using the same cast playing different roles. The show has wavered in quality over the years, as the best seasons (Murder House, Asylum, Hotel) seem to have very specific thematic ideas they’re tackling, while other times the seasons kind of run out of steam before getting to the end.

Murphy’s future with AHS was in doubt for a time, as he jumped ship from his production deal with 20th Century Fox to pursue a megadeal at Netflix. He left partly over content concerns now that Fox is owned by Disney, and while he’s busy creating a bevy of shows and films on Netflix, he remains committed to American Horror Story and American Crime Story on FX for the time-being.

We’ll likely hear more about this American Horror Story spinoff series soon, but in the meantime check out our recent deep-dive interview with Murphy about, well, everything.