Watch: Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers Reunite for “Really?!” on ‘Late Night’

     June 22, 2017


Amy Poehler has a new movie coming out called The House, which makes for a perfect opportunity to drop by Late Night with Seth Meyers and bring back an SNL favorite. Indeed, during the beginning of last night’s show, Poehler came out and joined Seth Meyers at the desk to resurrect one of their recurring “Weekend Update” segments, “Really?! With Seth and Amy”. This time, the two tackled the protests over Shakespeare in the Park’s modern interpretation of Julius Caesar, which featured a Donald Trump-like character as a stand-in for Caesar.

Poehler and Meyers do a great job of pointing out the hypocrisy and fundamental misunderstanding surrounding this whole ordeal, and as was common at the Weekend Update desk, things get delightfully salty.

But in addition to “Really?!”, Poehler’s interview segment was also pretty hilarious, as the two went on an extended bit about Daniel Day-Lewis’ announcement that he’s retiring from acting. The whole thing was a joy to watch, so it back and take in the below segments during your lunch break today.


Image via Netflix