Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow Talk TRAINWRECK, LeBron James, and Woody Allen

     March 20, 2015


One of the best films I saw at this year’s SXSW was director Judd Apatow’s new comedy Trainwreck. Written by and starring Amy Schumer, the story revolves around a magazine writer who has spent her life believing that monogamy is unrealistic, instead choosing to be free and uninhibited. However, when she begins falling for a charming sports doctor (Bill Hader), she starts to reconsider the notion of “boring romantic commitment.” Trainwreck also stars Colin QuinnBrie Larson, John CenaLeBron James, and an almost unrecognizable Tilda Swinton. For more on the film, watch the trailer, read Perri’s review, or click here for all our previous coverage.

The day after the world premiere I sat down with Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow for an exclusive video interview. They talked about how much of the story changed along the way, what they learned from “friends and family” screenings, casting LeBron James, shooting in NYC, the impact of Woody Allen’s work on them, and a lot more.

Here’s the interview followed by a time index of what we talked about. Trainwreck opens July 17th.


Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow:

  • 0:23 – The length of the first draft of the script
  • 0:52 – How much of the story changed along the way
  • 1:35 – What they leaned from “Friends and Family” screenings
  • 2:38 – The length of the first cut
  • 3:30 – Casting LeBron James and realizing how funny he is
  • 5:13 – How Schumer and Apatow work on set and play with the dialogue
  • 6:50 – Shooting in New York City
  • 8:15 – The impact of Woody Allen’s work on them
  • 9:00 – What they learned from this production
  • 10:02 – Condemning certain persons on Twitter

Image via Universal Pictures

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