An Awesome Video Interview with Matthew Goode; Talks A SINGLE MAN, LEAP YEAR, CEMETARY JUNCTION and WATCHMEN

     January 7, 2010

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Every once in awhile you do an interview that just comes out awesome.  Today is one of those days.

I recently got to speak with Matthew Goode and while some actors are guarded and careful with their answers and opinions, what I love about Matthew Goode is his honesty and his willingness to talk about anything and everything.  Also, he was willing to light up and smoke on camera and not apologize for it.  Trust me when I say most Hollywood actors would never do this.

The reason I got to speak to Goode was for his recent work in Tom Ford’s great debut film A Single Man.  But with Goode also in Ricky Gervais upcoming Cemetary Junction and the romantic comedy Leap Year, we also covered those films.  And for fans of Watchmen, we discussed that film at length as he played Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias.

If you’re a fan of Matthew Goode, trust me when I say this is a must see interview.  Hit the jump to watch it.

Since the interview ran for so long, I broke it up into two parts and I also listed what we talked about.  Finally, if you haven’t seen A Single Man, it’s absolutely worth seeing.

Matthew Goode part 1

  • We discuss the last time I’ve seen him…Watchmen
  • Cemetery Junction talk (the Ricky Gervais film)
  • 4:00 A Single Man talk.  We talk about the sexuality, how he came to the project, working for Tom Ford, the story, the book, the lack of graphic sex scenes and how that might help the film, and a lot more

Matthew Goode part 2

  • More A Single Man talk – when you’re on set and you see all this great clothing and furniture, did he want to take a lot of it home
  • 1:35 – did he do a lot of research for A Single Man
  • 2:45 Watchmen talk – has he seen the director’s cut and his thoughts on all the extra scenes.  Plus talk on the movie and it’s reception, his character, and so much more. A great conversation about Watchmen. Trust me.
  • 6:20 – Leap Year talk.  We joke around about what is the hook of this romantic comedy and the genre in general

Goode in A Single Man and Leap Year

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