Exclusive: Adam McKay Says ANCHORMAN 2 May Not Be Dead; Updates on THE BOYS, I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR BAND, THE OTHER GUYS 2

     September 8, 2010


Thanks to the fans, it seems that Anchorman 2 might still have a heart beat, albeit it a faint one. Collider exclusively talked to director/producer Adam McKay at the premiere of the reality comedy he co-produced The Virginity Hit, which opens in limited release Friday [and opens in wide release on September 24th], and we asked if the fervor and outcry that followed his tweet that “Paramount basically passed on Anchorman 2” helped open the studios eyes at all.

Hit the jump to read his response and also get the latest status updates on The Boys, the HBO series I Don’t Care About Your Band and find out if he’s open to The Other Guys 2.

Here is McKay’s exact quote when we asked if the outcry over his tweet might have helped Anchorman 2 in anyway.

“It did, it made a difference. Paramount heard it. Adam Goodman, the President of Paramount, was on the first one so he loves it and when that outcry came, he was kind of excited because he knew it could maybe push it towards happening. That having been said, I’m clearly going into it like another movie so if it does happen it’s still two years away or a ways away. And I haven’t talked to anyone. There’s nothing happening right now but it helped, it helped.”

So, the film isn’t totally dead as previously thought but nothing is happening on it and no one has really talked about it. It’s still encouraging that McKay said the studio is more open to the possibility of it now based on the huge outpouring of support after the news of the films’ demise broke in April.

Before anything can happen with that, though, McKay is going to be working on The Boys, an adaptation of the Garth Ennis comic book. McKay just finished his post The Other Guys vacation and still has to do a little bit of foreign press for that film. Then, it’s game on. “When I come back and we’re going to get into a rewrite and start looking at casting and start getting into it,” he said.

A few months ago, it was also announced that he and Ferrell would be producing a new HBO series starring Lizzie Caplan called I Don’t Care About Your Band based on a book by Julie Klausner. Well, playwright Leslye Headlead, whose play Bachelorette was recently on Broadway, is currently writing the script for it.

It’s sort of a full frontal assault at Sex and the City. Can the dating memoir be brought back after the long shadow of that? So it’s sort of the opposite. These are people with no money, these are people without romantic affairs. They’re kind of ugly and strange and dysfunctional and we think it’s a good time to try that. It’s New York City and it sort of takes place in like the hip, Brooklyn music scene and the improv scene and the stand up comedy scene and its 20-25 year olds, guys with way too many DVDs who don’t know how to call a girl back.”

Finally, when asked about the possibility of a sequel to the successful film The Other Guys, McKay didn’t rule it out. He just feels you need to wait it out with comedies.

With comedies, you never know how they’ve done until about a year after they come out. Like Step Brothers came out and did really good at the box office but then it was in DVD and cable viewings that it kind of got a following and Anchorman was the same way. So I’m a big fan of ‘Let’s wait and see how it sits there and what people think of it in the long term. Do they go back and watch it over again? Are they quoting scenes?’ So we’ll see how it goes.

No matter what happens or doesn’t happen, Adam McKay certainly doesn’t have a lack of things on his plate.

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