And the Title for Michael Moore’s New Documentary Is…

     July 8, 2009

Capitalism A Love Story Michael Moore.jpg

Michael Moore is an expert showman despite his predictable appearance, methods, and positions.  He knows how to drum up interest in his films which will be controversial no matter what because conservatives love attacking him (although, as “Sicko” proved, they’re learning not to take the bait; however, that’s when they were still a party of relevance and not complete and total disarray).

With his new film, he’s got his teaser and he even had folks with buckets come to a few theatres to collect donations for beleaguered CEOs.  You know, because we bailed them out even though they’re super-wealthy.  Hahahaha, cry.

Now we finally know the name of his new movie and it is: Capitalism: A Love Story.

Variety produced a statement from Moore reading, “”It will be the perfect date movie.  It’s got it all — lust, passion, romance and 14,000 jobs being eliminated every day. It’s a forbidden love, one that dare not speak its name. Heck, let’s just say it: It’s capitalism.”

michael_moore_untitled_bailout_movie_image_01.jpgIf “Sicko” was Moore’s easiest sell (and with 46 million folks not having health care and the ones that do having essentially scam artists “providing” their care, it should have made a bigger splash), this one will be his most difficult.  Americans love capitalism because it’s all we’ve ever known and if it’s made us the most powerful nation on Earth (although that depends on how you define “power”), then how can it be wrong?  So will Moore argue for, presumably, socialism?  Will he showcase socialist European nations and point to their success in areas of health care and other forms of social welfare?  Probably.  If Sicko is any indication, he will paint a white-and-black, good-vs-evil set-up full of snark and devoid of nuance.

Of course, Moore could use this opportunity to teach us something.  To teach us how we’ve been swindled and why corporate personhood must be abolished.  Because he is a skilled filmmaker, he can take articles like Matt Taibbi’s and create a lasting and visual impact.  Or he can do little stunts where he confronts CEOs.  That’s my big fear: that he’ll make a film that’s worse than “Roger & Me”.

Knowledge, not pithy jokes or us vs. them polemics, is the solution here.  The American People keep getting fucked over because they don’t understand what’s happening.  They can’t participate in the discussion because they lack the vocabulary.  Moore, the most successful documentary filmmaker of all-time, has the opportunity to provide that knowledge.  I pray that he does.

“Capitalism: A Love Story” hits theatres on October 2nd.

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