SHREK Director to Adapt Dark Horse Comic BEASTS OF BURDEN as CG-Animated Feature

     June 13, 2011


Andrew Adamson, of the Shrek and Chronicles of Narnia franchises, is getting back into feature animation with a film adaptation of the comic, Beasts of Burden. The Dark Horse mini-series, created by Eisner-award winners Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson, is set in the unassuming little town of Burden Hill. When supernatural events start to occur, it’s up to a group of dogs (and one cat) to protect their owners from the forces of evil.

Heat Vision announced that Adamson will team with Shrek-series producer Aron Warner and Dark Horse Entertainment’s Mike Richardson. Keith Goldberg, also from Dark Horse Entertainment, will serve as executive producer. Jared Mass of Reel FX, which specializes in CG and live-action/animation hybrids, will oversee the project. Hit the jump for more on Beasts of Burden, including a synopsis of the books.

Beasts of Burden is Dark Horse Entertainment’s latest installment of adapted properties. In association with Universal Pictures, they are looking forward to a 2012 release of R.I.P.D. Tentatively starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges, R.I.P.D., or “Rest in Peace Department” spotlights dead lawmen who keep order when other dead people get out of line. Stay tuned to see if Reynolds sticks here or dons the CG-suit for the inevitable Green Lantern sequel.

beasts-of-burden-book-coverHere’s the synopsis for Beasts of Burden:

Welcome to Burden Hill-a picturesque little town adorned with white picket fences and green, green grass, home to a unique team of paranormal investigators. Beneath this shiny exterior, Burden Hill harbors dark and sinister secrets, and it’s up to a heroic gang of dogs-and one cat-to protect the town from the evil forces at work. These are the Beasts of Burden Hill-Pugs, Ace, Jack, Whitey, Red and the Orphan-whose early experiences with the paranormal (including a haunted doghouse, a witches’ coven, and a pack of canine zombies) have led them to become members of the Wise Dog Society, official animal agents sworn to protect their town from evil. This turns out to be no easy task, as they soon encounter demonic cannibal frogs, tortured spirits, a secret rat society, and a bizarre and deadly resurrection in the Burden Hill cemetery-events which lead to fear and heartbreak as our four-legged heroes discover that the evil within Burden Hill is growing and on the move. Can our heroes overcome these supernatural menaces? Can evil be bested by a paranormal team that doesn’t have hands? And even more importantly, will Pugs ever shut the hell up? [Amazon]

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