Andrew Garfield to Star in Indie 99 HOMES

     July 24, 2013


While Andrew Garfield‘s last two feature film roles have been in The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, I was just chatting with someone recently about how I’d like to see the actor return to his dramatic roots onscreen soon for a change of pace [Edit: Yes, I know Garfield starred on Broadway last year in Death of a Salesman, but those of us not in NYC didn’t exactly get the chance to enjoy it].  Garfield is already set to lead Martin Scorsese’s long-in-the-works drama Silence, and now THR reports that the actor has attached himself to star in the indie 99 Homes.  The film centers on a desperate man who, after losing his house to foreclosure, goes to work for the same real estate broker that took his home.  He soon finds himself evicting homeowners left and right, and gets caught up in helping the broker embezzle money from the government, leading to a rather a heavy conscience.  Hit the jump for more.

Per THR, Ramin Bahrani, the director behind the 2005 film Man Push Cart, wrote the script and will direct 99 Homes.  He most recently helmed the drama At Any Price starring Dennis Quaid and Zac Efron, which earned a positive review from Collider’s own Matt Goldberg.  Garfield is poised to shoot Silence next summer, after which he will likely be called back for The Amazing Spider-Man 3, so one imagines 99 Homes might be his next project with an shooting window this fall/winter  Producers are currently looking to cast the role of the manipulative broker.

Before landing the role of Spider-Man, Garfield did some phenomenal work in the dramas Never Let Me Go and Boy A, and of course there’s the brilliant The Social Network.  While I love that director Marc Webb fills out his Spider-Man casts with seriously talented actors, I’ve also been eager to see Garfield stretch his chops again in something that doesn’t have to make room for explosions.  With the one-two punch of 99 Homes and Silence, it appears that Garfield is happy to move seamlessly between Hollywood blockbusters and small-scale dramas. 


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