Watch JOHN CARTER and WALL-E Director Andrew Stanton’s TED Talk

     March 6, 2012


Every year, TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) hosts conferences that invite speakers to give talks on a variety of subjects with the moniker “ideas worth spreading.” Past TED Talk attendees include Bill Gates, Malcolm Gladwell, Bill Clinton, and J.J. Abrams, and we’ve even seen a fictional TED talk featuring Guy Pearce from the future by way of the viral campaign for Prometheus. This year director Andrew Stanton was given the stage, and his full talk is now available online for your viewing pleasure.

Stanton is a Pixar regular with screenwriting credits on all three Toy Story movies, and he personally helmed Finding Nemo and the magnificent Wall-E. He recently tried his hand at live-action with John Carter, which opens this Friday, and his TED talk entitled “My Life In Story, Backwards” focuses on storytelling. He opens the session with a pretty great joke, and proceeds to tell his life story in reverse. It’s a fascinating watch from a truly talented storyteller, and it’s definitely worth your time. Hit the jump to watch the full talk.



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