August 3, 2012


With director Lee Toland Krieger‘s romantic comedy/drama Celeste and Jesse Forever opening today, I recently got to sit down with Andy Samberg for an extended video interview.  In the film, Samberg stars with Rashida Jones as a divorcing couple who are having trouble maintaining their intense friendship while living together and pursuing other relationships.  In addition, Jones co-wrote the script with Will McCormack, and it’s a great mix of realistic comedy and drama.  It’s definitely recommended.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of Andy Samberg, you’re about to be very happy.  During my exclusive interview we talked about his entire career, what’s coming up, and so much more.  Some of the subjects we covered were Saturday Night Live, whether he’ll still do any digital shorts, Sundance, Hot Rod (and why it’s out of print on Blu-ray?!), getting to do “Get in the Cage” with Nicolas Cage, his upcoming BBC3 TV series, Cuckoo, the future of The Lonely Island and if they would ever tour, Arrested Development, and we even talked about Lord of the Rings.  Hit the jump to watch.

Finally, click here to watch my video interview with Ari Graynor, here’s my interview with director Lee Toland Krieger and co-writer Will McCormack, and here’s Rashida Jones.

andy samberg thats my boyAndy Samberg Time Index:

  • 0:10 – Andy Samberg reveals his go-to karaoke song.
  • 0:15 – Trapped on a desert island, Samberg talks about the movies he has to have with him.
  • 0:35 – Samberg defends his preference of the Lord of the Rings theatrical version over the extended edition.
  • 1:55 – Samberg admits he took Celeste and Jesse Forever in order to go to Sundance.
  • 2:15 – Samberg talks about his experience at Sundance.
  • 3:45 – Samberg comments on this project as compared to bigger budget films and his famous digital shorts.
  • 4:45 – The small crew provided an intimate, collaborative environment for the film and Samberg talks more about that.
  • 5:30 – Samberg asks Paramount why Hot Rod has yet to be released on Blu-ray.
  • 6:00 – Samberg reflects on how well Hot Rod would have been received by audiences if it was released today.
  • 7:40 – Regarding The Lonely Island, Samberg talks about a potential tour some day and scheduling a third album.
  • celeste-and-jesse-forever-poster8:10 – Samberg talks about doing a one-off show or a special to bring in celebrity guests.
  • 9:05 – Going back to his SNL days, Samberg talks about a sketch called “Wanna Come With?” that he repeatedly tried to get approved.
  • 10:35 – Samberg talks about doing “Get in the Cage” with Nicolas Cage.
  • 12:45 – Samberg is joining the BBC3 TV series, Cuckoo.  He talks about his involvement with the project here.
  • 13:45 – Samberg further comments on the show’s length and start date.
  • 14:15 – Samberg talks about the plot of the first episode of Cuckoo.
  • 15:35 – Regarding the press he has to do for the upcoming projects, Samberg talks about it being part of the job and something he’s happy to do.
  • 16:25 – Samberg comments on cameos for The Lonely Island and which ones were more difficult than others.  He talks at length about Michael Bolton.
  • 18:00 – Samberg talks about the B sides or unfinished material from The Lonely Island.
  • 19:00 – Samberg comments on what lies ahead for his creative career.
  • 19:35 – As it pertains to his future projects, Samberg talks about starting fresh and penning a feature film.
  • 20:05 – Finally, Samberg reflects on his role in Arrested Development.


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